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Are uncontrollable movements in control of your body?

Body movements you can’t control could be tardive dyskinesia (TD).

If you or someone you know have taken certain medicines (antipsychotics) to treat bipolar disorder, depression, schizoaffective disorder, or anxiety disorder, and have persistent, uncontrollable body movements, ask your healthcare provider if it’s TD.

Diagnosis and treatment by a healthcare provider may help you manage your TD.

What is tardive dyskinesia (TD)?

TD means having uncontrollable body movements.

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TD movements may look like uncontrollable face twitching, involuntary eye movements, darting tongue, piano fingers, clenched jaw, rocking torso, and gripping feet.

TD is not a side effect. It’s a real condition that affects approximately 600,000 people in the United States.

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How is TD treated?

Talking to your healthcare provider about your uncontrollable body movements is the first step toward a diagnosis and helping you manage your TD.

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You can use the Doctor Discussion Guide, which includes telemedicine info, to help you prep for your next appointment in person, over the phone, or online.

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TD Treatment options are available.

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Kathie, a real patient living with TD

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Hear what it can be like to live with TD or care for someone affected by TD, and get inspired to share your own TD story.

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Get information about td.

Learn more about TD and how to start a conversation with your healthcare provider about TD diagnosis and treatment.

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Looking to take the first step in managing your uncontrollable body movements? Talk to a specialist.

Find psychiatrists, neurologists, and other advanced-practice healthcare providers experienced with diagnosing and treating TD. Talk about your uncontrollable body movements with them and learn about treatments that could help you manage TD.