Is it tardive dyskinesia (TD)?

Have you or someone you know ever taken antipsychotic medications to treat bipolar disorder, depression, or schizophrenia? Are you having body movements you can’t control?

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What is TD?

TD means having movements you can’t control.

TD is a condition where people have movements they can't control. These movements may occur in the face, torso, limbs, or fingers and toes.

TD may develop after a few months of taking medication to treat bipolar disorder, depression, or schizophrenia.

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Real people, real experiences

Three unique stories about life with TD.

Hear in their words what it’s like to live with TD or care for someone affected by TD, and get inspired to give voice to your own personal story.

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How is TD managed?

The first step in managing TD is talking with your doctor.

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Caring for those with TD

You may not have TD, but you might know someone who does.

As a caregiver of someone living with TD, you may be taking on the responsibility of identifying and managing their condition.

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Discover TD resources and support.

Talk About TD strives to be a great source of information and resources for individuals and caregivers of those with TD.

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